Saturday, January 28, 2006

i'm a follower

Okay gang, I jumped on the bandwagon. I started a blog. I published one solitary lil post (Jaywalker progress report). Now how the heck do I add all those supercool sidebars and stuff?


  • Can you download instant messenger if you don't have it and I'll help you?

    let me know what your user name is.

    By Blogger Scoutj, at 4:42 PM  

  • Where can we find your blog?

    Thanks for coming over last was great to see you!

    By Blogger Beverly, at 5:13 PM  

  • thanks Scout! My username is sella_turk.
    And thanks Bev! I had a good time!
    My url is, or I think you can click on my name, which'll take you to my profile, which will show you my other blogs (besides this one I mean)

    By Blogger Cari, at 5:21 PM  

  • oops, it's

    By Blogger Cari, at 5:22 PM  

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