Monday, February 13, 2006

Flying Star

Hello! No one's posted here in a while so I thought I'd do one.

Why don't we discuss Flying Star's menu? I always have a hard time deciding because it's hard to see everything up on the wall. I get stressed because there are people behind me so I end up getting the same things every week. So let's discuss what's been good and what hasn't.

The egg salad sandwich I got last week kind of made me sick. That might be my body's weird reaction to egg or stress though because it tasted fine.
I love their hummus nosh that's always good and just enough for a snack but not too much.
I've also had the ABC Patty Melt several times - odd with the bacon and avocado but good.
The mac and cheese is wonderfully cheesy and carbolicious.
I don't like the pot pie. I joke with Cody about it being chicken soup with a big premade flaky hat.
The grilled cheese is pretty good too.

Not exactly vegan or vegetarian fare, I know, I'll probably move towards salads as it gets warmer but right now I'm sticking to the hot things.

What about you guys?


  • I like the Chinese Salad w/ tofu, the Yum Nee salad, the Lo Mein w/ tofu, and teh tempeh burger is ok, too.

    How about desserts? I've had the raspberry-peach pie (yum!) and the dense chocolate thing that has what looks like a rocky-raod topping, which is good but insanely rich. Oh and the ginger cookie (bev's favorite) is really good, too!

    By Blogger strangelittlemama, at 11:20 AM  

  • I pretty much stick to the Huevos or the Chinese salad with chicken!

    By Blogger Scoutj, at 2:54 PM  

  • You know I swing like an ovo-lacto vegetarian. I adore the Buddha Bowl with tofu and extra ginger (puh-leeze!), and Carole got me hooked on the Lo Mein. Another yumster choice. I like the tofu scramble for breakfast...Of course, the triple ginger cookie is my favorite way to use my one-cookie-a-week allotment.

    By Blogger Beverly, at 7:11 PM  

  • I do the same thing, Noelle! I always end up getting some version of the chicken sandwich. My only alternates are the rancher melt or the Buddha bowl, depending on how health-conscious I'm feeling. I don't think I've ever had a dessert there I didn't like. Oh, except for the fruit tart. Fruit is de-lish already, it doesn't need dressing up.

    By Blogger Cari, at 7:34 PM  

  • I had the tempeh burger this week. While I usually avoid onions, those carmellized (sp?) onions are fabu!

    By Blogger Beverly, at 10:28 PM  

  • I got the Greek Pasta last Tuesday and it was SO GOOD! It's (lacto it does have cheese) vegetarian friendly and has a lotta garlic. I'm going to get this one again.

    By Blogger littlehedgehog, at 1:37 PM  

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