Sunday, March 05, 2006

Scraps of Sock Yarn wanted

While looking on Lolly's blog to see what was doing re: Project Spectrum, I came across Major Knitter's contest. She's collecting scraps of extra sock yarn to use to make knit notes (they're cute!). She'll donate half of the proceeds from selling the cards to the Jackson Recovery Centers in Iowa, which her parents started as a teen rehab center.

I'm going to send a few skeins of Knitpicks landscape that are gathering dust (I only have one of the different colorways...not enough to make a pair of socks!).

Each ball--at least 2 yards--enters the sender (one ball, one entry--get the picture?) into a contest for nifty prizes. Here's my offer: if you have scraps of sock yarn you want to send, put them in a ziplock baggy with your contact information (name, email, blog addy). Bring them to me on Tuesday at SnB, and I'll send one package over to her on Wednesday morning.

Could charitable knitting get any easier?


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