Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Knit a blue square tonight!

I'm cross-posting this with the yahoo group because my emails always seem to get delayed on yahoo.

I saw on the new Warming Grace weblog that they really need some blue 5" squares for Grace's little boyfriend that's very sick. It's so sad, he's terminal and they want to get this blanket out to him asap. I knit up a few squares last night but they're trying to get 64 together immediately!

So I had an idea. Tonight I'm going to bring several skeins of blue yarn - some variegated, some cotton, some wool. I'm also going to bring my 365 stitches calendar and a bunch of washcloth patterns - that's where I've been getting stitch ideas. If you bring a size 6, 7, or 8 needle and a tape measure we could each knit up a square for Justin! They don't care what stitch it is as long as it's cotton or wool and 5" square. I'll even sew the ends in and block them all when we're done. You could bring whatever blue yarn you'd like of course.

I hope this isn't obnoxious but I thought it would be a meaningful way to spend our last snb with Beverly :)